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The mining site utilizes on-site leaching processes for the extraction of gold from readily amenable oxide ore, offering a variety of opportunities for gold recovery.

The West pit is estimated to contain over five hundred thousand ounces of gold, featuring a combination of high-grade oxide veins and lower-grade disseminated gold extending into the depths.

The East pit is characterized by high-grade veins and a substantial volume of low-grade material suitable for bulk tonnage. The depth of these deposits is yet to be fully ascertained, but reserves are estimated at more than one million ounces of gold.

The dump area holds several hundred thousand ounces of gold, indicating significant potential for recovery from previously excavated material, with an average gold content ranging between 0.20 and 1.5 grams per ton.

Further exploration in the Stepnoye region and its vicinity has revealed a gold porphyry system, estimated to contain one million ounces of gold. This, along with the discovery of a classic gold porphyry system in Burgunda East and a massive deposit in the main pit boasting 500 million ounces of gold, underscores the site's vast potential for gold extraction and the richness of the mineral resources available for development.

A new "blind zone" was recently identified within the Aprelevka oxide deposit, indicating the need for additional drilling to determine its extent and potential. This discovery has initiated a process to revise the mine's operational plan, taking into consideration lower cut-off grades, which presents an opportunity for further evaluation and potential processing.

The site's operational leach plant plays a crucial role in facilitating the processing of extracted materials, enabling efficient recovery of gold from both high-grade sulfide veins and disseminated, lower-grade gold found in extensive deposits across the mining area.